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Ria Brennan Photography

Professional Wedding, Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer with over 10 years' experience
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Ria Brennan is a Wedding, Maternity, Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photographer, Wraysbury

Hi, my name is Ria Brennan and I am a professional Berkshire newborn and family photographer also covering surrey and London. I started Roses and Poses over 10 years ago specialising in wedding photography. After having two kids of my own I fell in love with capturing those precious family moments which in turn made me move onto family and newborn photography.

My favourite part of family photography is capturing the craziness of it all! I love the jumping, the playing the tantrums and the laughter. I aim to tell a story with my photos, to capture families and newborn’s in a way that is creative, honest and full of life. To do this my style of photography is laid back and relaxed which helps bring to life the energy and true personality of you and your family.

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