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Indulge The Collection

Lavender essential oil is a sweet, flowery and soothing fragrance with a woody undertone. This is a calming, soothing and relaxing essential oil which helps bring about balance for mind, body and spirit.
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Treat your self or someone you love to affordable Spa treatments at home. Home made with natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, shea butter & lavender essential oil, these products will aid you to relax & unwind in the comfort of your own home

Since becoming a mum of 2 young children I’ve realised the importance of self care and ‘time for me’. So with this in mind & the aromatic fragrance of lavender which I grow in my garden led me to combine the benefits of lavender & natural, plant based ingredients to create a bath and body range.
A range to not only pamper the senses, but a real skin treat for the body to transform a bath time routine into a SPA like treatment. Products that can be used to give momenta of calm after a busy day.

My name is Sam, and having been urged by my husband, family & close friends to pursue this passion to assist others to relax, unwind & indulge in some well deserved self-care, I feel proud to bring to you my brand INDULGE The Collection. I am excited to add my luxurious silk selection to the brand, launching this Summer. Elegant silk accessories to add to your sleep routine and key pieces that can be worn at home or as a beautiful going out outfit.

“You have to break from the grind and have some me time”.

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Bells Lane, Horton, Slough, SL3 9PW

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