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Carlone Limited

Passenger transport specialists providing a friendly professional service
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Our company is focused on providing high-quality school and bus services and achieving 100% client satisfaction. .

  • Posted 12 months ago

Carlone Ltd is a family run business that has been running for over 30 years!

We specialise in Minibus Transport Services and we operate multiple School Services (Including SEN), Public Route Bus Services, Staff Shuttles, Charity Use and Private Hire – Day or Nights Out, Airport Runs, Wedding Parties, Stage & Hen Parties and the list goes on!

We also have wheelchair friendly minibuses available, and a luxury 16 seater coach to relax on for longer journeys. Passenger Assistants can also be requested in required.

Please contact us for enquiries about our regular and private hire services.

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Ferry Lane, Wraysbury, TW19 6HG

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